Hearing Loss Treatment in Wyoming County, West Virginia

Raleigh Hearing Center (RHC) in Beckley, West Virginia provides professional audiological services for patients with tinnitus, hearing loss and associated conditions throughout Wyoming County. Our audiologists, Dr. Mabry and Dr. Walker, and our Otolaryngologist, Dr. P. C. Corro, and the staff of RHC have been serving Wyoming County residents for over 44 years. We are pleased to assist our patients with hearing better and enjoying life more. Our services include:
  • Hearing Evaluation
  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Repair Service

Mullens, WV: Know the Causes of Hearing Loss!

At Raleigh Hearing Center, we care about your hearing and want you to know what the main causes of hearing loss are. We are here to assist you with hearing better and clearer. However, we want you to be aware of how important it is to protect your hearing. Some causes of hearing loss are not preventable. However, others are –and we provide professional-grade hearing protection to ensure that you are fully protected. Some of the main causes of hearing loss include:
  • Part of the normal aging process
  • Serious illness
  • Medications (ototoxic drugs)
  • Heredity
  • Ear infections, injury, & disease
  • Excessive wax accumulation
  • Loud noise exposure
If you are a resident of Mullens or anywhere throughout our Wyoming County, West Virginia service area and are experiencing any signs of decreased or diminished hearing, contact us right away for prompt medical treatment and fitting with a hearing aid, if appropriate. Life is too short to miss a single song or misinterpret a conversation with a loved one.

Affordable and Discrete Hearing Aids in Oceana, WV

Raleigh Hearing Center stocks and services ALL brands and types of hearing aids for residents in Oceana and throughout Wyoming County, West Virginia. From modestly priced models to the latest in technologically advanced, discrete hearing aids, we will assist you with choosing the perfect hearing aid for your needs as well as your budget. If you have aesthetic concerns, rest assured that hearing aids are available that are 100% undetectable!
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Hearing Aid Repair and Services for Pineville, WV Residents

Raleigh Hearing Center (RHC) provides professional hearing services for our patients from Pineville, West Virginia. We are proud to offer an extensive range of products and services for at-risk populations to assist in preventing hearing loss, as well as rehabilitative services, therapeutic treatments, hearing aids and assistive listening devices of all types, and much more. In addition, RHC provides professional hearing aid maintenance and repair services. We offer an extensive selection of hearing aid batteries and accessories right here in the office for your convenience, as well. If there is an item that you need or want and we don't have it in stock, we will order it in for you.
Contact Raleigh Hearing Center for all of your audiological needs in Wyoming County. Call: (304) 255-1337.